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Origin: Atlanta, GA

Genre: All Genres

Label: Bri'Entertainment

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It’s all about the music, connecting with the music and then making sure the music connects to those that hear it! A consistent “in-the-pocket” drummer with solid grooves that are captivating. Brien Andrews electrifies audiences across the globe with his savvy, mastered and proficient artistic styling. Brien has the ability to play a vast repertoire of music and it is this diversity that makes him a preferred musician.

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Don't Dance, Just Groove EditedBrien Andrews



Pure & electrifying! A true gift to the world!                                     ~Pamela K - Artist

"Epitome of the contemporary jazz sound that is fluent, ever-changing yet rooted in each individual theme! Great writing, playing & music!                            ~Big Plaid - Artist

The CD was everything I thought it would be. B. Andrews true drummer musician.
                                                                                                               ~ Jfly (Flytrap)


Brilliant musician that inspires creativity and awakens the senses!                                                                                                               ~Kabanya-Chemise - Artist/Songwriter

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